Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mountain View Community Homes?

Mountain View United Church (MVUC) is planning to build homes for homeownership on its property as part of its vision to serve the homeownership needs of hardworking families. A small number of the homes will be designed for adults living with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD).

MVUC has chosen Habitat for Humanity of Metro Denver (Habitat Denver) to build the homes and partner with families who will purchase the homes with an affordable mortgage.

What size, type and number of homes will be built on the property, what zoning will be required to build the homes, and will the development be part of an HOA?

MVUC and Habitat Denver began meeting with the community prior to drafting a site plan or beginning a formal entitlement process with the City of Aurora.   MVUC and Habitat Denver are analyzing the property, input from the community, and city requirements related to building on the property. 

MVUC and Habitat Denver will balance all of the information collected with considerations of affordability, livability and neighborhood context to determine the style, type and number of homes to be built on the property. MVUC and Habitat Denver are in the process of doing the due diligence necessary to determine the size, type and number of homes that will be built, what zoning is required or whether the development will be part of an HOA.

What type of homes will be built on the property?

Habitat Denver builds single-family homes that are detached, duplex and townhomes. MVUC and Habitat Denver have not yet completed the due diligence necessary to determine the type of homes that will be built on the property.

What is the pricing on these homes?

The pricing on the homes will be dependent upon the size of the homes and affordability for families earning up to 80% of the Area Median Income (AMI). Price estimates cannot be made until the site plan is finalized.

Habitat Denver families will pay an affordable mortgage, meaning they will pay no more than 30% of their income on housing costs. 

How will neighborhood home values be affected by the new homes?

Home values are driven by market forces. However, research shows affordable housing does not impact neighboring property values and may even raise property values in some cases.

Do Habitat homeowners use government assistance, such as Section 8 funding, to purchase these homes?

Habitat Denver homeowners do not use government subsidies to purchase their homes. To purchase a home, buyers invest 200 hours of sweat equity and pay closing costs. Habitat homeowners must demonstrate they have a stable income to afford paying an affordable mortgage, and complete 11 homeownership and financial education classes. Volunteer labor, private donations, corporate sponsorships and government grants help make Habitat home construction affordable.

Will parking and traffic be negatively impacted?

Habitat homes include on-site parking. A traffic study will be analyzed as part of the site-planning process. The site plan will be drafted to ensure it meets all city traffic and parking requirements.

Why did MVUC decide to build affordable homes for homeownership on its property?

MVUC is providing its property in furtherance of its ongoing ministry to address community needs, including the need for stable, affordable homeownership for working families, including host-home families serving adults living with IDD.

One in 3 households in Aurora is housing cost-burdened, meaning those residents are one health emergency or car repair away from possibly losing their home. Hardworking, essential employees in Aurora—like nurses, teachers, first responders, and those caring for adults with IDD, many of whom make less than $75,000 per year—cannot afford to live in the communities where they work. Recognizing the housing needs of adults living with IDD, MVUC is committed to providing opportunities within the development for these individuals to live with caring host-home families who will support them in thriving, working and contributing to the broader community.

Can Mountain View sell the land?

No. Per the deed restriction, Mountain View cannot sell the land without approval of Ecumenical Ministries, Inc. (EMI).

Will Ecumenical Ministries, Inc. entertain an offer to sell the land?

No. EMI discussed this option, and all three denominations are in agreement that “EMI is steadfastly committed to maintaining ownership of the land and will not approve any sale or transfer of the land ownership to any external party or organization.” Per the direction of EMI, “All questions or inquiries concerning the property and the project should be directed to Rev. Wayne A. Laws at Mountain View United Church.”

What are next steps?

MVUC and Habitat Denver met with community members and neighbors in October and November. In December, Habitat Denver began the site-planning process.

MVUC and Habitat Denver will share plans with the community prior to formally submitting an application to the city. MVUC and Habitat Denver will update this webpage with meeting dates.

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